Advocacy based on evidence forms a core function of CECED for which the medium of films is being explored through our in-house production banner viz CECED Films. We have produced two films that you can watch below, both focused on a niche theme with an aim to reach out with our message.

1. Exploring School Readiness

There are many people who say that we went straight to school and did well in our lives, so why is it now necessary to ensure school readiness in children before they enter school? This film is an attempt to find an answer to this question. The film shows various components of school readiness in a comprehensive way. ‘Exploring School Readiness’ is not just a film, it’s an attempt to provide ECE educators and parents with an overview of the pre-requisite skills and competencies that children need in the preschool years so as  to thrive later at school. The film provides practical examples of activities across some good quality  ECE centres running in India which ECE educators and parents can conduct with their children at pre -school and home to maximise their learning potential.

2. The Window of Opportunity: Learning in Early Years


CECED has, as part of its advocacy for Early Childhood Care and Education, produced a short film in 2013, titled “The Window of Opportunity: Learning in Early Years”. The film is intended to  showcase the importance of the earliest years of childhood which form the foundation stage on which children build their lives. It attempts to showcase the rapid pace at which the brain develops in the first five years of life so that 90 percent of the brain growth is already completed by this age. It further expands on how early experiences impact on the development of the brain and can have a long term effect on children’s well being. It demonstrates the importance of creating a stimulating and enabling environment for learning and development for the child at both preschool and within the  home, to enable the child to not only do better at school but also get a sound foundation for life.