Dr. Payal Sahu


Position: Senior Project Officer

Email: payal@aud.ac.in

Qualification: Ph.D in Social Work

Brief About Me: I am an analytical and very optimistic person. My specialization in MSW was HRM/PM/IR/Labour Laws but by choice I am in social development sector having explicit 15 years of experience of working in the fields like Health, Education, Gender, project management etc. I have worked in various ministries/ departments/ organizations/ NGOs on convergence aspects, research areas, and policy matters at State & Central Government levels and done co-ordination with various stakeholders. My skills and interest are in Project Planning & Management, Finance & Budgeting, Training, Monitoring and liasoning. I am a self-motivated person, a team player and aspire to excel in my professional life.


Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), Ambedkar University, Delhi


“Systems Approach For Better Education Results (SABER), Early Childhood Development (ECD) in India”

  • Identify various ECD stakeholders in the states of Uttarakhand, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim for the purpose of data collection for the SABER-ECD assessment
  • Liaison with various government departments of Women & Child Development, Social Welfare, Health, Education etc and non-government officials to facilitate active country participation and robust data collection

Overall Co-ordination and management of projects and team, facilitate project implementation, financial planning and budget utilization.

Professional Activities/Awards

  • Written a Review Report on ‘Schemes and Incentives For Promotion of Girls in School Education’ and A Review Report on ‘Schemes and Incentives For Promotion of Girls in Higher Education’ in August 2013. Publication is awaited.
  • Written a Report on “Social Responsibility of Corporates for the Development of Women & Children” of Corporate Social Responsibility Conclave organized on 17th November 2012.
  • Supervised a study “An Assessment of Convergence of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan with Selected Central and State Government Schemes” in district Mewat (Haryana), May 2012 conducted by NMEW in collaboration with IRRAD (S.M.Sehgal Foundation) and done editing of the complete report.
  • Papers (prepared draft): “Evaluation of Capacity building of Village Education Committee” and “Evaluation of Capacity building of Village Level Committee-cum-Village Health and Sanitation Committee”, IRRAD, Gurgaon.
  • Technical Paper written on “Capacity Building Needs: Village Level Committee-cum-Village Health and Sanitation Committee”, IRRAD, Gurgaon in October 2010.
  • Paper written and presented on ‘An ideal approach in selection of targeted intervention NGOs’ for 8th ICAAP, Colombo, Sri Lanka in August 2007.

Areas of Interest

HIV/AIDS, Reproductive & Child Health, Women Empowerment & Gender issues, Child Psychology & Development.

Any Other Details

I like to make acquaintances professionally, like to travel and explore new places national or international, and always aim to improve my leadership skills. I am fascinated by colours and think creatively in making best out of waste.