Impact evaluation of ‘I Love Reading Campaign’ of Katha in MCD schools in Delhi(2013-14):

Katha, a non-profit organization, began its ‘I Love Reading’ campaign in collaboration with Primary Schools of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, in 2008 to transform MCD schools into a fun and interactive learning place for students of class 1-5 and bringing them at grade level reading and numeracy skills. In the year 2013, the program expanded to include the intervention in 75 MCD schools across three municipal corporations (North, South and East) based on story pedagogy. CECED was requested to conduct a Third Party evaluation of the intervention by Katha. CECED conducted evaluation in two phases.

Phase I

The objective for the first phase involved:

  • The sampled students from Class 2 and 4 were assessed on class appropriate learning achievement levels in language and numeracy skills.
  • The sampled MCD schools in experimental group were visited in order to assess their classrooms processes for quality indicators of teaching and learning and teacher child interaction.

Phase II

The second phase encompassed following aspects:

  • The sampled students from Class 2 and 4 were assessed in experimental group were assessed on Elementary Reading Attitude Survey.
  • The perception of various stakeholders about the impact of campaign was gauged through FGDs, interviews and surveys

The report for the first phase of the project has been completed and shared with funding agency. However, report on second phase is still in the process.