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The Window of Opportunity: Learning in Early Years.

The Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED) is presently conducting a National level longitudinal Study, titled “Indian Early Childhood Education Impact Study” (IECEI). The study is being carried out in the various states of India, which aims to seek the impact of diverse Early Childhood Education (ECE) provisions on children from preschool to the primary stages. In addition, the study attempts to capture more nuanced understanding of how processes within known practices or programs get articulated and implemented. This in turns will help in deriving common key indicators contributing to our understanding of effective programming in Early Childhood Education (ECE), focussing on aspects which will enable children to get ready for school. In this context, CECED has developed a short film, titled “The Window of Opportunity: Learning in Early Years” to showcase the importance of early childhood period by using the video footages collected during data collection in diverse situations of the study across various states.