CECED is a unit within the organisational structure of AUD and works in close collaboration with different multidisciplinary schools in the institution. It has a core team to lead and coordinate its functions.


1. Adeeb Bashar Project Assistant
2. Aneesh Kurian Project Associate
3. Anil Singh Rawat Admin. & Finance Associate
4. Jyoti Rana Project Assistant
5. Komal Khanna Project Assistant
6. Madhulika Jha Project Associate
7. Manish Sharma Office Attendant
8. Meenakshi Dogra Sr. Project Associate
9. Dr. Payal Sahu Sr. Programme Manager
10. Prachi Gupta Project Assistant
11. Preeti Rani Project Associate
12. Rajeev Bhardwaj Admin & HR Assistant
13. Rinku Bora Project Associate (Comm.)
14. Saanchi Marwaha Programme Manager
15. Saqib M Project Assistant
16. S P Mahala Consultant (Finance & A/Cs)
17. Shipra Sharma Sr. Project Associate
18. Shreya Bhardwaj Project Assistant
19. Dr. Sunita Singh Associate Prof.
20. Vrinda Datta Director, CECED